Q. How long have you been around?

A. We began nurturing a common life in 2008 in the part of Lents closest to Glenwood Park and Kelly Elementary School. Many have come and gone in the years since.


Q. are you part of a denomination or wider network?

A. We regularly seek accountability and partnership to the wider body of Christ in a few ways, including vulnerable friendships with area pastors, partnership with the Parish Collective and Warner Pacific College, infrequent relational/spiritual audits from seasoned practitioners, and most recently through the Cascadia Communities Initiative.


Q. Can I visit your church?

A. We'd love to have you over for dinner or take you on a walk through our parish. Head over to our contact form to get in touch. We also welcome your participation at our Sunday gathering, which we can invite you to personally after we've made introductions.


Q. how does leadership work in Springwater?

A. We rotate the three-to-four-person membership of our leadership team semi-annually, discerned as God's calling according to gifting, opportunity, character, and felt need of the church. No one is on that team for more than four consecutive years. Our current leadership team includes a married couple in their sixties and a man and woman in their early thirties.


Q. What is your statement of faith?

A. We gather around conviction-rooted practices, not doctrinal statements that tend to more effectively divide than unite. Therefore theological diversity is a welcome fixture of our witness and our worship.